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This vertical wall display system is ideal for both lightweight and heavy goods. The Beam profile can be installed on a wide range of panel materials or mounted on existing walls. In addition, the system can be used on both sides of a mid-floor structure: it has been designed so that profile slots are invisible from the front.

Diverse merchandise supports and fittings can be hooked into place as required at increments of 50 mm. Beam is therefore perfect for the presentation of a wide variety of goods and is suited to many different sectors. The profile has a load bearing capacity of 100 kg per 1000 mm. The system can be easily mounted on wooden or glass panels, plasterboard, as well as brick walls.

Advantages and features

  • Great creative freedom thanks to the system's flexibility and unique character

  • Versatile installation: compatible with wooden or glass panels, plasterboard, as well as cement and brick walls

  • Easily mounted on front, rear or both sides of panels

  • Height adjustment slots invisble from the front

  • Easy to handle: merchandise supports and fittings are simply hooked into the profile

  • Broad range of merchandise supports and fittings

  • Max. load-bearing capacity per Beam profile: 100 kg per 1000 mm

  • Use in diverse sectors and segments

  • Vertical support system