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Kimea P/L

Kimea P/L is a 24 V electrified system, specially developed for use in wall alcoves, as well as in furniture structures made of engineered wood. The system consists of holders that are installed in the structure's side panels: shelf supports are inserted into the holders, and then topped with shelves. The presence of mutliple holders allows personalised adjustment of shelf spacing and greater flexibility.

The system's special characteristic is its electrification – integrated power cables are concealed in the side panels and shelves. Merchandise supports with LED lighting are therefore automatically powered when inserted. Kimea P/L is perfect for the presentation of a wide variety of goods and is suited to many different sectors. A Kimea P/L shelf (4 holders) has a load-bearing capacity of up to 40 kg.

Advantages and features

  • Clever 24 V electrification: shelves can be equipped with lighting

  • Merchandise supports are automatically supplied with electricity

  • Great creative freedom thanks to the system's flexibility and unique character

  • 6 mm holders allow flexible configurations in wooden structures

  • Easy to handle: merchandise supports are simply inserted into the holders

  • Max. load-bearing capacity per Kimea P/L shelf (4 holders): 40 kg

  • Certifications: CE conformity, UL

  • Use in diverse sectors and segments