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Omnio P/L

Omnio P/L is an electrified shelving and structural system. It consists of round metal tubes, which can be coated in a choice of colours. The system is extremely flexible: it can be used as free-standing mid-floor structures or partitions, and as wall units. The round vertical uprights and shelf frames can be combined in any configuration and extended in all four directions.

The system is also optionally available in an electrified version – with power rails integrated in the frame and therefore concealed. When shelf frames are inserted in the electrified uprights, merchandise supports with LED lighting are automatically powered. It is additionally possible to connect digital devices and elements to the 24 V electrification. You can also connect LED spotlights to the uprights.

Shelves are available in a choice of materials: glass, wood or colour-coated metal. Simple assembly, dismantling and reconfiguration allow rapid modifications. The structures can be easily integrated into any setting, whether in fashion retail, office environments, health & beauty stores, pop-up shops or window displays. Each Omnio P/L upright has a load-bearing capacity of up to 175 kg.


Advantages and features

  • Electrified system (24 V): entire shelf unit can be illuminated

  • Merchandise supports are automatically supplied with electricity

  • Extremely high-quality, modern LED technology (CRI > 90)

  • Digital devices and elements, as well as LED spotlights, can be connected thanks to electrification

  • Also optionally available without electrification

  • Great creative freedom thanks to the system's flexibility and unique character

  • Basic system can be coated in a choice of colours

  • Quick and easy to assemble, extend and reconfigure

  • Can be extended in all directions: mid-floor structures also ideal for creating pathways within the store

  • Different heights possible

  • System can be suspended from the ceiling when combined with Multi-Lane

  • Allows merchandise presentations at multiple levels: also ideal for window displays

  • Diverse merchandise supports and fittings available

  • Diverse choice of materials for shelves: glass, wood or colour-coated metal

  • Back and side panels optionally available in wood or metal

  • Storage compartments with drawers, with either wooden or metal fronts

  • Max. load-bearing capacity per Omnio P/L upright: 175 kg

  • Certification: CE conformity

  • Use in diverse sectors and segments

  • Flat pack: space-saving transport and storage

  • Structural and shelving system

Health & Beauty example
Fashion example
Office example