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Qubo Wall P/L

Qubo Wall P/L is an electrified shelving and structural system that is to be mounted on the wall. The system consists of sturdy square tubes, measuring 25 x 25 mm, which can be coated in a choice of colours. Shelves are available in a range of colour-coated metal.

The integrated electrical rails are concealed in the wall uprights of Qubo Wall P/L. Merchandise supports with LED lighting are automatically powered when inserted. It is additionally possible to connect digital devices and elements to the 24 V electrification. You can also connect LED spotlights to the uprights. A Qubo Wall P/L upright has a load-bearing capacity of up to 120 kg.

The free-standing system Qubo 25 P/L is suitable for mid-floor structures.

Advantages and features

  • Electrified system (24 V): merchandise supports are automatically powered

  • Extremely high-quality, modern LED technology (CRI > 90)

  • Digital devices and elements, as well as LED spotlights, can be connected thanks to electrification

  • Also optionally available without electrification

  • Great creative freedom thanks to the system's flexibility and unique character

  • No substructure necessary; wall uprights can be mounted directly on existing walls

  • Basic system can be coated in a choice of colours

  • Quick and easy to assemble, extend and reconfigure

  • Adjustable height and axis dimension through replacement of tubes

  • Easy to handle: merchandise supports and fittings are simply inserted in the uprights

  • Diverse merchandise supports and fittings available

  • Merchandise supports and fittings can be powder-coated in a choice of colours

  • Can be combined with fittings from the Multi-Lane range

  • Max. load-bearing capacity per Qubo Wall P/L upright: 120 kg

  • Visually compatible with Qubo 25 P/L in mid-floor spaces

  • Certification: CE conformity

  • Use in diverse sectors and segments

  • Flat pack: space-saving transport and storage