FOS (Flexible Office System)

FOS is a mobile office system with 240V electrification. It can be assembled into microarchitectural structures that define the purpose of individual spaces – from teamwork, workshops, meetings and presentations to agile workspaces or concentrated solo tasks.

FOS can be quickly and easily configured by users to suit their requirements. Large space-shaping structures can be created by using shelves or work tops to link the individual mobile units, with adjustable height settings in 100mm increments.

Pinboards and whiteboards, as well as acoustic panels, can be hooked onto the system. The electrification feature allows for functions such as the integration of monitors or – in the 24V variant – the use of USB PD (type C) chargers.

Advantages and features

  • Partitioning and organising of space
  • Modular construction
  • Additional work surface
  • Visual privacy and sound absorption
  • Serial 230V power distribution
  • Integrated 24V electrification


Modular construction

The FOS system can be positioned against the wall or used to divide and structure spaces. The elements are made of birch veneer with a multiplex design, and add a touch of natural, home-like warmth to any environment.
The shelves come in two sizes. The shorter versions can be paired with shelf trays or storage boxes on the same level and arranged to suit the users’ needs.

Open storage box
Storage boxes can be used to stock books and folders (1HU=height unit), as well as many other office materials. Structures equipped with storage boxes serve as room partitions. The storage boxes are simply slotted into the unit between two connection frames, allowing easy reconfiguration at any time.

Storage box with doors
The storage box with doors offers closed storage space. As the elements are simply slotted into the unit, the layout can be modified as and when needed. The flush-mounted doors are fitted with a push-to-open mechanism.

Shelf tray
The shelf tray is a practical holder for office materials. As the trays simply sit on the shelf frames, they can be easily repositioned at any time.


Linking of FOS modules

Connection frames or worktops can be added to link individual units and create larger mobile structures.
Connection frames
Incremental height settings on the vertical uprights allow for a customised configuration of units. This makes it possible to create further storage options and flexibly partition space.

Worktops can be used to connect individual mobile units and create touchdown desks.


Hanging boards

The mobile elements of FOS can be equipped with pinboards and whiteboards, as well as acoustic panels. These are not just practical tools but also have a sound-absorbing effect.
Pinboards can be suspended from the shelf system or wall rail, and removed or repositioned at any time. The ARCHISONIC® acoustic felt surface is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and exists in a selection of colours.

Whiteboards can be hung from the shelf frames or wall rails and removed again as required. They are reversible and can be used on both sides.

Acoustic panels
Side and back panels made of ARCHISONIC® acoustic felt ensure privacy and reduce noise levels.

Wall rail
Pinboards and whiteboards can be suspended from the wall rail. This allows a combination of fixed and mobile elements in the workspace.



FOS is equipped with 230V power as standard. The option of additional 24V electrification enables extra useful functions.
Power connection
FOS simply taps electricity from the integrated power cable (EU or UK, approx. 3 m long), which is concealed in the base box.

Integrated socket
Thanks to the integrated sockets for extension cables and power strips, digital devices can be connected without creating tripping hazards. Magnetic cover plates are easily fitted to conceal the connections.

Connecting modules
The mobile shelving systems can be connected via a cable. Only the lead unit requires access to an external power socket in this case.

USB PD (typ C) charger
Digital devices can be plugged directly into the connection frame for charging.

Monitors can be integrated into the shelf system and adjusted in height with little effort. Monitors with a diagonal screen size of 55“ are recommended (max. screen size 1500 x 800 mm and 50 kg).


Office organisation

The FOS shelf elements are supplemented by a coat rack and mobile standing-height table.
Coat rack
The coat rack helps keep the space tidy. The connection frame with integrated rail can be adjusted in height.

Mobile standing-height table
The mobile standing-height table not only functions as a work island but also provides extra storage space beneath the table top.

Versatile layout
Mobile elements ensure dynamic agility in a modern work environment: they can be quickly and easily aranged to suit the current requirements, and immobilised with locking brakes.


Surface finishes & colours

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