Grid 50

A technical aesthetic gives Grid 50 an industrial look, enhancing the targeted appeal of young, sporty or technical brand concepts. The surface support system perfectly combines three functional levels – display, design and decoration – and is ideal for cross-merchandising displays.


  • Versatile options: horizontal and vertical configurations for flexible visual merchandising options

  • Easy to use: merchandise supports and fittings are hooked into place anywhere across the grid. The system can be used on both sides in mid-floor spaces

  • Suited for shop windows: ideal showcase for use in window displays

  • Flat pack: space-saving transport and storage
  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 200 kg per Grid 50 panel

  • Particularly suited for following sectors: fashion, health & pharmacy, beauty, home store, automotive

  • Use & installation: wall system (in front of/on the wall), mid-floor system

  • Electrification: no

Display, design and decoration

Grid 50 is a surface system suited for use on walls and and in mid-floor zones. The basic system consists of a metal grid, which can be coated in a choice of colours. Decorative elements and merchandise supports, such as shelves, front arms, hanging frames or brackets, can be hooked into place anywhere in the grid. This enables flexible and customised merchandise displays, as well as easy adaptation to changing merchandise densities. The entire surface of Grid 50 can be exploited without restriction.

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