Invisible 3
Invisible 3 is a horizontal support system for lightweight merchandise. The 3-mm narrow slits lend a serene character to the product display. Merchandise supports, such as clamping brackets (for aluminium or glass shelves), front arms, hanging rails, hooks or spectacle frame holders, can be inserted anywhere along the profile.


  • Great creative freedom: thanks to a high level of planning flexibility and customisation

  • Easy to handle: merchandise supports and fittings are hooked into the profile

  • Unobtrusive: shadow joint creates calm, structured interiors with timeless design
  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 12 kg per 625 mm

  • Particularly suited for following sectors: fashion, consumer electronics, health & pharmacy, beauty

  • Use & installation: wall system (in the wall)

  • Electrification: no

Invisible Design

Invisible 3 gives walls and mid-floor installations unique structure. Aluminium profiles form the basic element of this horizontal wall system designed for lightweight goods.
The system rails are attached to a substructure, interspaced with wooden panels, or can alternatively be used as single-sided or double-sided profiles in mid-floor structures. The utilisation of fixed or mobile wall panels allows for flexible merchandise displays. A panel fitted with Invisible 3 can also be hooked into an existing Invisible 6 P/L wall profile to display accessories.

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