Invisible 6 P/L

Invisible 6 P/L (Plug & Live Power) is a horizontal support system with ingenious invisible technology. Unobtrusive and elegant in design, it disappears behind the merchandise. The integrated 24V low voltage power rail also brings lighting to the product display. Direct illumination prevents the formation of shadows and creates eye-catching presentations.



  • More impulse purchases: thanks to the system's electrification, it is possible to integrate, for example, digital devices and display elements, as well as electronic shelf labels, for an enhanced emotional connection. High-quality and durable LED technology (CRI > 90) increases the perceived value of the merchandise.

  • Unobtrusive: shadow joint creates calm, structured interiors with high-quality look and timeless design

  • Easy to handle: merchandise supports and fittings are hooked into the profile

  • Optional use of Change substructure: profiles can be effortlessly adjusted in height and replaced.

  • Quick assembly: simple to mount and reconfigure
  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 40 kg per 625 mm of profile

  • Particularly suited for followig sectors: fashion, health & pharmacy, beauty, consumer electronics, automotive, home store, food

  • Use & installation: wall system (in the wall)

  • Electrification: yes – also available in non-electrified version

  • Certifications: CE conformity, UL

Invisible Design

Invisible 6 P/L is the electrified version (24 V) in the Invisible Design® family – a horizontal system that gives unique structure to walls. Aluminium profiles, mounted directly on the wall, form the basic element of this timeless system. For added design creativity, Invisible Change uprights (sold separately) can be used as a substructure.
Diverse merchandise supports and fittings are hooked into the profile and can be repositioned anywhere along its length as required – for a personalised layout. Offering considerable creative freedom, Invisible 6 P/L is ideally suited to the presentation of assorted goods and can be used in many different sectors and segments. A panel can be fitted with Invisible 3 and suitable holders to display accessories.
The profile slit is 6 mm in width – it conceals a power rail that automatically supplies electricity to merchandise supports and fittings with LED lighting. Invisible glass shelves or Clarea LED shelves can be ordered as standard. An optional electrification set is available for the integration of light in customised shelves or wooden highlight frames. Thanks to the system's electrification (24 V), it is also possible to integrate digital devices, display elements or electronic shelf labels.

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