Kado 15

Kado 15 is a slimline shelving system that enables versatile and eye-catching merchandise displays. Kado 15 includes a variety of basic elements that can be combined into countless configurations. Wooden and glass shelves and a variety of hanging rails can be inserted at different heights thanks to a series of holes on the inner face of the tubes.


  • Great creative freedom: a high level of planning flexibility and customisation

  • Tool-free: simple to assemble, extend and reconfigure. Optional wooden panels can be easily added using clips

  • Structures easily modifiable: well-designed connection logic

  • Also ideal for store windows: allows multi-level displays

  • Flat pack: space-saving transport and storage

Classic structural system with a slender look

Kado 15 allows virtually unlimited configuration options – for wall, mid-floor or ceiling zones.
The special characteristic of Kado 15: square slimline tubes measuring 15 x 15 mm in cross-section. The open structure can be partly or entirely closed through the addition of individual panels. Kado 15 installations may be extended in all four directions, as needed, with the aid of shelf frames. Simple to assemble, dismantle and reconfigure at any time, the system can be transformed in a matter of minutes.
The elements are supplied part-assembled to facilitate construction. Holes spaced at 100-mm increments on the inner face of the tubes allow easy insertion of shelf frames with wooden or glass inlays, as well as the use of different hanging bars.

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