Mono 20 P/L

Mono 20 P/L is a single point support system that opens up an abundance of creative layout options for wall displays. The merchandise supports are simple to insert and safely secured against twisting or unintentional removal with a catch. The powered round holder enables the integration of lighting and digital devices. LED lamps fitted underneath the shelves illuminate the merchandise below them without the formation of shadows.



  • More impulse purchases: thanks to the system's electrification, it is possible to integratedigital devices and elements. High-quality and durable LED technology (CRI > 90) increases the perceived value of the merchandise

  • Unrestricted layout: holders and merchandise supports can be positioned freely and independently of axis

  • Simple design: discernible only as a dot on the wall
  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 40 kg per Mono 20 P/L holder and up to 8 kg per Mono 20 P/L Light holder.

  • Particularly suited for followig sectors: fashion, consumer electronics

  • Use & installation: wall system (in the wall)

  • Electrification: yes – also available in non-electrified version

  • Certifications: UL

At a glance

The round Mono 20 P/L holder has an inner diameter of 20 mm and conceals an optional current output element. Once the holders have been installed in wall panels, diverse merchandise supports and fittings can be hooked into place: not just non-electrified elements but also shelves with integrated LED lighting. These merchandise supports are secured against twisting or unintentional removal with a catch. The shelf is automatically powered with electricity when inserted. Thanks to 24-Volt electrification digital devices and elements can also be integrated.
The layout of the wall display can be arranged at whim. It is also possible for several holders to carry the same merchandise support – thereby spreading the weight load. Offering considerable creative freedom, Mono 20 P/L is ideally suited to the presentation of varied merchandise and can be used in many different sectors.
Mono 12 also exists in a non-electrified version for lightweight merchandise. This model has an even more visually restrained aesthetic.

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