Ceilings are often neglected when designing and structuring standard retail interiors. The electrified ceiling rail system Multi-Lane opens up unique possibilities in this domain, with hanging merchandise supports that generate the impression of a floating display. The system can be easily modified to accommodate temporary events and to allow a flexible use of space. The same profile is compatible with power rails from multiple luminaire manufacturers, and digital devices and display elements or LED spotlights (24 V) can be simply inserted and locked into place.


  • Creative interior design: the simple, tool-free reconfiguration of space and a continual rearrangement of elements enables spontaneous modifications of layout

  • Lowered ceilings: panels can be fitted between rails to create standard room heights Ideal for concealing installations

  • More impulse purchases: high-quality and durable LED technology (CRI > 90) increases the perceived value of the merchandise

  • Great creative freedom: a high level of flexibility and customisation in interior layouts thanks to a wide range of different merchandise supports and fittings
  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 150 kg per linear metre

  • Particularly suited for following sectors: fashion, automotive, office

  • Use & installation: ceiling system

  • Electrification: yes – also available in non-electrified version

  • Certifications: UL

Room lighting and merchandise presentation in a single rail

Multi-Lane is a ceiling rail system, designed specifically for use directly below the room ceiling. The basic elements are aluminium profiles, which are mounted on the ceiling where required. There are three levels available on each profile, which can be used simultaneously for different elements: for example, for merchandise supports or ceiling lights, to attach panels in the empty spaces between rails or to conceal utilities.
The system is optionally available in an electrified version. In this case standard electrical rails are integrated into the profiles, eliminating the need for raised floors or floor boxes. Powered merchandise supports (24 V) and ceiling lighting (230 V) can be used alongside each other in this system. Digital devices, such as cameras or screens, can also be connected to the profile and automatically powered.
Let the imagination run free when designing an interior: with a choice of floating frames or uprights that are fixed both to the ceiling rail and floor. Diverse merchandise supports can be inserted between frames or uprights. In the version with 24 V electrification, merchandise supports with LED lighting are automatically powered when hooked into place. Digital devices can also be integrated, and LED spotlights are easily connected to the frames or uprights.
The merchandise support frames can be reconfigured in just seconds to quickly and flexibly transform any interior.

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