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FROM INNER TO OUTER BEAUTY — Your inner self determines your outer appearance. The beauty segment is also increasingly incorporating this into its philosophy, integrating spa, healthcare and meditation elements into its shop concepts.

Those who continue to pursue this holistic theory quickly realise that they have to offer customers specific services. People want to be guided – sometimes even thrown into certain surroundings. They want to once again understand what is going on – in the sense of mindful contexts. Especially when it comes to inner peace and serenity in rapidly-moving times such as these.

As a symbol of this rapid pace, invisible systems can be used to react to changing situations in store. For example, a new world can very easily be created in the shop by means of different shelving.

And the idea is that those wanting to take a little time to rediscover themselves can initially recharge their batteries from the inside out and gather new strength to naturally enhance their outward appearance. Visitors will therefore find a “detox room” in the beauty space that invites them to do just that: relax and recharge.

Architecturally, this is a very special place. Designed as a sculpture with an interior that’s covered with felted lambswool. Body and mind feel comforted the moment you enter. Any background noise is absorbed, especially by the deep-pile carpet.

Calming white-noise sounds and the detox light help you switch off even further. The lighting effect produces a kind of projected “breathing” image. The inhaling and exhaling rhythm, derived from an elephant’s breathing, should last for more than ten seconds. As should the yoga exercise Pranayama, which makes you aware of your own breathing, calming both body and mind.

Visitors enjoy a holistic treatment “along the way”. They are soothed in this vacuum of wellbeing, before finally reapplying themselves, at will, to the task in hand: shopping.

This spatial centrepiece supports probably the most important idea in the beauty sector: that beauty is closely linked to mindfulness, lifestyle and attitude.

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