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Shared Experience

Online is certainly more convenient, but much less fun. Information, tutorials, virtuality – none of these are sensual, emotional experiences. In an attempt to compete with the ever-growing world of eCommerce, you can always confidently rely on the real thing. Or in other words: taste, touch, smell.

Real senses, extending beyond sight, can generate added value that cannot be found anywhere else outside the “real” world. So those wanting more than the WWW will find a common and equally unifying experience in the shared beauty and mobility space: fragrance.

At the scent bar, two otherwise separate areas are deliberately merged. At second glance, it becomes clear that the interlinking of the common theme of olfactory perception forms an entirely natural symbiosis. Because what would a car be without a smell? And what would perfume be without association?

Aromas affect our brain and thus our decisions. Just as a full-bodied flavour is important when eating, an ideally personalised sense of well-being sets the tone when getting into a car or entering a room. And this includes a pleasant fragrance.

Those who remain flexible, creative and innovative will not go under. The distinctiveness of the interaction between the beauty and automotive sectors, created by aromas which are inspired by rubber or leather seats, is far too exciting for that.