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Those wanting to make their life – and the world – a little better, know that sustainability in the food retail sector can achieve a great deal. Seasonal and organic. Regional and local.

Consumer awareness is constantly increasing and with it the longing for total transparency of production processes. Of course, in major cities in particular, it is increasingly a question of how to make transport routes even more efficient and even more transparent. The answer: produce directly on site and promote in-house cultivation.

The food space meets this desire for seamless producer traceability with a communal co-farming area. The highlight shown here is the value-creation chain which provides a glimpse behind each individual step. On personalised rented stalls, the mushroom “superfood” is cultivated, harvested and used to make various dishes.

Projected information also provide a detailed demonstration of the future of modern food procurement in urban contexts. They show what it means when food from agriculture comes “from next door”, as it were. And they offer customers real added value with recipes and tips for processing the products.

At its heart – the co-farming area – visitors and food experts exchange ideas directly on site. They share their knowledge of farming, food and eating. The food megatrend is also about holistic thinking.

Information, for example about the producer of the respective food, can also be obtained from the Qubo systems that are equipped with electronic self-labelling devices. In addition, each section features individual lighting according to the situation, so that the prevailing mood – trustworthy and healthy – is illuminated in a supportive manner.

The Navo luminaire in the aisle ensures perfect customer guidance. During their voyage of discovery, the accentuated light helps shoppers feel comfortable. And lighting also plays an important role in the analogue service discussion and expert consultation. Communication, trust, sympathy – all these factors depend on good, healthy lighting.

Experimentation and creativity at their best – at all levels. All for the benefit of a better world for consumers. And ultimately also for the benefit of a healthier human race.