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At a time when a car is no longer a status symbol, the mobility sector has to engage a lot more with its customers. It needs to offer them compelling reasons for a positive purchasing decision. New ways of getting around are constantly being considered. Dramatic for the car industry, yet necessary, these are centred on the switch from owning your own car to mobility concepts.

A holistic approach is of course important here too: for the future of our world and mankind. But the future also includes the possibility of travelling from A to B effortlessly and at any time. This means that the form and specification of the vehicle alone are no longer decisive. It is much more a question of how a passenger feels when getting into a car.

Sitting in a motorised cocoon, passengers ultimately want to connect with the surroundings rushing by. Travelling through the city and across country, they want to experience what is going on outside, while protected in the inside.

Visitors can experience a much more abstract and unique moment in the mobility space. In the truest sense.

You literally immerse yourself in the central sculpture that is reminiscent of an abstract driver’s cab. When looking up at the ceiling and out to the side, you will see videos featuring various driving scenes that simulate the outside world.

Behind you is the bustling city. Above you the leaf canopy of the forest, coastal roads, the vast expanse of sky. Over there is the sea, somewhere – always the horizon.

The exciting thing here: the projected video images match the state of mind of the visitor who previously saved their current mood on a token. This customised experience is full of emotion, thereby subtly creating a link between a certain attitude to life and the brand.

This is also ensured by the instant configuration. This has long been possible online, but not with the accompanying tactile experience. An artistic approach is used, featuring sculptures inspired by car parts, covered with the respective mobility fabrics, as well as extended colour palettes. Customers can take a close look at every eventuality. All securely attached with the stable Mono system. The accentuated lighting from a great height perfectly showcases colours and textures and gives metals a shiny appearance.

In the mobility space, simulation creates an all-encompassing experience that skilfully conveys true added value.

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