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Mobility x Fashion

Shared Function

Personal interaction is what many are thirsting for in the digital age. While everything is easy to do online, it remains largely anonymous. Those wanting to create unforgettable shopping experiences, where customers feel they are taken seriously again, need to offer intensive, personal consultations.

The social as well as the sensual aspect is another advantage over the impersonal eCommerce market, which nevertheless continues to grow. Individual service represents added value when it comes to casting the conventional consumer environment in a new light.

And this is exactly where these two advice-heavy sectors unite: mobility and fashion. In their shared space, everything revolves around the motto, “host”. The customer, as an individual. We are devoted to them, recognise their needs and do our utmost to meet these. The mood bar, the entry point to both areas, as it were, acts as an element that physically and therefore functionally connects the two.

Not only face-to-face conversations occur here, but more specifically, guests are also dealt with carefully and calmly. Eye tracking is used to accurately determine the customer’s current state of mind. Depending on their mood, the guest receives an individual experience. The starting point is always a personal greeting accompanied by an appropriate drink at the bar.

The customer can then use their personalised token, which stores their mood, to begin their very own shopping experience. The lighting in the changing room also adapts at the right moment, as does the driving experience in the mobility area. Not only does the eye tracking measure customers’ wishes, but some extra ones may even be coaxed out of them: ones they weren’t aware existed.

Those who focus 100% on their customers, attach critical importance to them, place them centre stage and produce genuine emotions, will positively influence purchase decisions. This closeness only works in store, not digitally. And when shopping becomes a feeling, it is an experience we want to share with others away from the shop too.