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The understated vertical support system Beam offers a high level of flexibility for merchandise displays. Designed entirely without slots, the profile technology is invisible: merchandise supports, such as front arms, brackets, hanging rails, hooks or hook rails and sign holders, can simply be hooked into place from the front at 50 mm intervals. The Beam profile can be installed on a wide range of panel materials or attached to existing walls on-site. The merchandise supports come in versions for lightweight and heavy goods. Thanks to their subtle design, Beam profiles also perfectly complement existing retail interiors.

Glass and other wall materials

Beam can be mounted on various wall materials, from plaster and wood to glass or stone.


Designed as an understated flexible system, Beam’s functional technology is concealed in the profile.

Floor to ceiling

Beam makes interiors appear taller than they really are. This effect derives from the emphasis on the vertical.

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