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Kimea P/L

Kimea P/L (Plug & Live Power) is a range of furniture-style structures with no rear panel that lend a sense of transparency and openness to retail interiors. Hidden shelf supports supply electrical power to shelves, providing lighting for hanging merchandise or products displayed below – the shelf is simply inserted and the LEDs light up. Shelf spacing can be adapted to different merchandising by adding further holders and the invisible power supply enables use of both lighting and modern media. Kimea P/L units are available in a selection of colours and materials to suit the store design, product range or fashion label.

Power in every holder

Shelves are simply inserted and the LED lamps light up or power is supplied to digital devices.

Open to everything

Kimea P/L is used to create open furniture-style structures.


The electrification feature in the holders powers digital screens and back lit posters for an interactive display.

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