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Omnio P/L

Omnio P/L is an electrified structural system suited for space-defining purposes and interior design concepts. Whether free-standing in mid-floor or positioned against the wall, it offers maximum creative freedom. Uprights and shelf frames can be configured into customizable needs-based modules - extendable on all four sides. Simple assembly, disassembly and reconfi guration allow rapid modifi cations of the system. The elegantly integrated 24 V power supply allows the connection of illuminated shelves, light fixtures and digital devices on one to four sides. Thanks to its understated design, Omnio P/L can also be used to structure spaces in offce environments and even makes an attractive addition to private homes.
Omnio P/L für Offices

Advantages & possible uses

The new Omnio system is designed for use as mid-floor structures and room dividers as well as wall units. It can be easily integrated into any setting, whether in the Fashion, Retail and Health & Beauty sectors or in office environments.

  • Structures easily extended and modified

  • Can be extended in all 4 directions, ideal for creating pathways within the store

  • Use with Multi-Lane ceiling system allows hanging structures

  • Multi-level units perfect for window displays

  • Available with integrated lighting

  • Personalisation with a choice of surface finish, shelves in metal, glass and wood, as
    well as optional back and side panels

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